Win Little League Snack Duty! Yummy Cookies & Healthy Snacks for Sports Tournaments

Calling all soccer moms, dads and parents! Are you in charge of bringing the snacks to your tiny tot’s game? Feeling a little stressed because you want to give the kiddos something that’s both yummy and healthy? 

First of all, take a deep breath (and perhaps eat a cookie or two). Being on “snack duty” can definitely be tough, but don’t worry — BOOP Bakery has your back!

In this post, we’re sliding into home with some of the tastiest snacks. From crunchy-munchy nibbles to beloved “I can’t believe it’s healthy” bites, here’s a roundup of the best snacks for sports tournaments. 

1. Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Instead of sugar and additive-filled, store-bought fruit cups, throw together some fun, rainbow fruit kabobs! Start off with a red fruit, followed by an orange fruit, a yellow fruit, and so on. Some fruit options for each color include:

  • Red: strawberries, raspberries, or red grapes
  • Orange: clementine slices or cantaloupe pieces
  • Yellow: pineapple or banana slices
  • Green: honeydew, kiwi, or green grapes
  • Blue: blueberries or blackberries
  • Purple: dark red grapes or blackberries

Alternatively, you can also create fruit kabobs in the team’s colors! With either option, just make sure to avoid using the same fruit twice on each kabob for the best variation.

2. Cookie-Cutter Watermelon Slices

Watermelon is the superior summertime snack (next to cookies, obvi). This beautiful fruit is not only delicious but also a deliciouslygood way to help rehydrate the body after a long day of sports in the sun (or rain). 

That said, conventional ol’ watermelon is a tad boring. So, instead of slicing up your fruit the usual way, grab some cookie cutters and use them to craft fun-shaped watermelon pieces! Stars and animal shapes, for example, can make this tasty and nutritious snack just a bit more interesting. 

Whether you’re hitting home runs out of the park or cheering from the sidelines, you can’t ever go wrong with this classic munch. Sure, it may take a bit of effort to cut it into perfect easy-to-grab slices, but the players will definitely approve!

3. BOOP Cookies

You may think cookies aren’t the “healthiest” snack around, but they're so deliciously awesome. If only there was a way to make these tasty treasured treats yummy and good for you, too. Well, dreamers, you’re in luck because BOOP Bakery has heard your call.

Introducing our undeniably tasty oatmeal and cranberry cookies!

These heavenly cookies are indisputably divine. They have a perfectly soft texture with a homemade taste that’s second to none. And the best part (other than their incredible taste)? We bake our BOOP cookies without anything artificial — just wholesome, fiber-rich ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Plus, with protein in each serving, there’s arguably no better snack for little leaguers needing energy to bring home a W. 

4. Loaded Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are perfectly customizable for both sweet and savory options, meaning you can have tons of fun creating delicious (and nutritious) snacks. Top each rice cake with peanut butter and bananas, hummus and sliced cucumber or cherry tomatoes, or mashed avocado with some sprouts. 

If your kiddo’s team has food allergies, keep this in mind when choosing your toppings.

5. Mini Sandwiches

For the sports tournaments that seemingly have no end, mini sandwiches are a godsend. These tiny bites aren’t only yummy, but they generally have all the macros (carbs, protein, fats) — just what pint-sized players need to keep their little bodies going on the field! 

For the healthiest nibbles, consider using slices of lean turkey or chicken breast, some fresh romaine lettuce, and perhaps a dollop of mustard. And if you really want to win little league snack duty, give each player a BOOP with their sammy. 

Pro Tip: Use those cookie cutters to create silly sandwich shapes as a fun surprise!

Swing, Batter, Batter!

And there you have it — snacks that are both yummy and healthy. From protein-packed goodies to nutritious chews and wholesome bites, these tasty nibbles are sure to come out victorious at any sports tournament. Just don’t forget to bring enough snacks for the whole team and plenty of H2O to keep dehydration at bay.

Here at BOOP Bakery, we’re on a mission to bring wholesome cookies to the masses. Whether you’re on snack duty at your tiny tot’s little league game or just looking for yummy (yet healthy) nibbles that don’t taste like cardboard — you can count on us to have just what you need to make your tastebuds happy. 


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