BOOP Approved: Make Tinier New Year’s Resolutions

A perfect end to the holiday season, New Year's Eve is celebrated with the people you love most, usually while donning fancy clothes and drinking too much champagne — it's basically a never-ending party. 

But despite being the best holiday in the bunch, New Year's Eve can also be pretty intimidating. And no, not because you have to decide who's worthy of a kiss (or BOOP) before the ball drops at midnight, but because of the pressure that comes with making New Year's resolutions — and, of course, having to stick with those resolutions. 

In short, self-improvement is hard — regardless of the time of the year. But if you're on a mission to become a healthier and happier you, making small tweaks to your daily routine is the way to go. Sometimes, the smaller the goal, the bigger the impact it can have on your life. Not to mention you're also more likely to see it through. 

Why Are Tinier New Year's Resolutions Best?

Every year, millions of people make New Year's resolutions, hoping to spark positive and permanent change. But according to a recent study, only 9% of the individuals who make them are actually successful in following through — in other words, that's a whole lot of people dropping the ball on their goals! 

In fact, we're so aware of our inability to keep our resolutions that we've committed an entire day to our failures: Ditch Your Resolution Day on January 17th. Yup, it's a "holiday" usually marked by empty gyms and bowls of ice cream.

So, why don't New Year's resolutions stick? 

Well, there are many reasons why people may fall off the resolution bandwagon, but more often than not, it's because they tend to make unrealistic goals for themselves — goals that are more of a chore than an actual commitment.

Enter: tiny (but mighty) resolutions. While these goals may be itty-bitty, experts say they are far more attainable than crazy feats. So whether you'd like to focus on self-care, expand your horizons, try a new hobby, or simply work to support your health in an approachable way, there are small, easy-to-follow actions that can help get you there.

What Are Some Tinier Resolutions To Set for Yourself?

Here at BOOP Bakery, we're all about the little things. So to help you make 2023 your best year yet, we've made a list of some easy, bite-sized New Year's resolution ideas to consider for 2023.

Start small and focus on one tiny goal at a time — because, at the end of the day, the best resolutions are the ones that you can keep!

1. Start the Day With Water 

We could all probably use a little more water in our daily lives. But if you're someone who doesn't drink much water as is, going from zero to 100 likely isn’t going to work so well. 

So, instead of setting a goal to drink a gallon of H2O on a daily basis, start small — like with one tall glass first thing in the morning. Once you've made it a habit, bump up your water intake and challenge yourself to drink another glass with breakfast. And then another at lunch. And then with a BOOP cookie during snack time. See where we're going with this?

2. Aim To Read More

Did you know that reading books can help you manage stress? According to experts, reading can even help improve your overall mental well-being

So in the spirit of sweater weather and all things cozy, we challenge you to put down your phone and pick up a book (and enjoy an Oatmeal Cranberry BOOP while you read). After all, what time of the year is more perfect for snuggling up with some new literature? 

You can make this goal as simple as aiming to read for a few minutes each day or aiming to complete one book every month or every two months. 

3. Do a Small Act of Kindness Weekly.

A little kindness goes a long way. Feed your soul by spreading kindness, and you'll find that your confidence, happiness, and optimism get a boost. Plus, acts of kindness don't only benefit you — they may also encourage others to repeat the good deeds they've experienced themselves, ultimately contributing to a more positive community. 

Here are a few small ideas that you can try to do weekly:

  • Pay for an expired parking meter you come across
  • Pick up trash on the ground
  • Offer to help a friend in need do some chores or errands
  • Pay it forward by paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru
  • Give a BOOP to anyone in need of a little sweetness 

4. Go to Bed an Hour Earlier 

Here's a scary stat — according to the CDC, one in three adults don't get enough shut-eye. Seeing as sleep is imperative for so many things, this is a pretty concerning number. Not catching quality Zzzs on a nightly basis can manifest as a weakened immune system, lower sex drive, cognitive issues, and more. 

Plus, not sleeping can quickly sabotage your goals. In other words, making sure you’re getting enough hours of sleep is key to staying on track with your New Year's resolutions. 

That said, finding sleep is sometimes easier said than done. Consider creating a plan to improve your sleep hygiene, which involves the habits you maintain to get a good night's rest. This can look different from person to person, but it might be as simple as hitting the hay an hour earlier or taking a break from your phone before bed. 

Studies show that the blue light emitted from electronic devices — like your smartphone — can disrupt sleep quality. So if you find it difficult to drift off to dreamland, try turning off all electronics about an hour before bedtime. Trust us; your sleep will thank you later!

5. Replace Your Cookies With a BOOP

We love cookies. The taste, the texture, the feeling they bring us when our teeth sink into them — cookies are truly the best. What we don't love so much about our favorite sweet treat, however, are all the questionable ingredients and fillers that are usually baked into them. 

With this in mind, many people tend to nix cookies from their diets at the start of the new year in hopes of getting healthier. But if you love a sweet treat (like us), not eating cookies is out of the question. Period.

Not to worry, though; rather than going cold turkey and giving up what brings you joy (in this case, cookies), you can simply swap out the traditional ones for BOOP cookies! 

Baked to chewy, soft perfection with nourishing ingredients like rolled oats, sweet currants, and flax seeds, BOOP cookies are the best thing since sliced bread — and by that, we mean they’ll leave you full, happy, and satisfied. Life is complicated, but BOOP cookies are simply delicious, with simple ingredients. 

So if your resolution this new year is to make healthier choices and cut back on sweets, you can start small by snacking on BOOP cookies. Not only will the wholesome ingredients keep you on track with your goals, but the perfectly nostalgic, homemade taste is second to none. 

The Final BOOP

And there you have it — tinier New Year's resolution ideas to help keep you on track with your goals! Whether you're on a mission to eat healthier, travel more, pick up a new skill, or just be a better person overall, making small, attainable resolutions will get you there. It's a marathon — not a sprint. So go forth, eat cookies, be merry and make 2023 your best year yet.

From our framily to yours, we wish you a very happy New Year!

BOOP Bakery™ believes cookies are better off enjoyed than locked away in a cookie jar. BOOP created a line of craveable, soft-baked cookies that allow health-conscious consumers and cookie connoisseurs alike to indulge without the guilt that comes with most processed sweets and treats. BOOP set out to bake delicious, wholesome, craveable cookies everyone can freely enjoy any time of day, whenever, wherever, whyever, proving no moment is too small for a BOOP!


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