Feel a Snack Attack Coming On? Make It a BOOP!

Oh no. It’s happening again. Your vision is going blurry. Your stomach is turning. You’re feeling hangry —and you know if you turn to the vending machine, that you’ll feel terrible later.

If you suffer from snack attacks, you are not alone. BOOP Bakers are standing by to revive you from the depths of intense snack cravings. But before you call the ambulance to seek treatment for your next snack attack, there might be a better remedy right in your cookie jar.

What Is a Snack Attack?

“Snack attack” is just a fun way to describe intense food cravings. You know when you start thinking about a chocolate bar, and then you can’t stop thinking about a cookie, so you stop at nothing to get a cookie? That’s a snack attack.

All sorts of underlying circumstances can cause food cravings. People with a lack of sleep or a nutrient-poor diet might be more inclined to crave salty sodium or sweet sugar. Sometimes, people who have increased their physical activity tend to see an uptick in their cravings as well.

But snack attacks can also have mental causes. Chronic stress, boredom, or even just a tough day on the job can make you want to dig into those potato chips and scoop up that french onion dip in just a single bite.

Regardless of the reason, food cravings are common. And according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, you might actually feel better when you give in to your cravings rather than avoid them. There are better things to do than stress about the food you eat. It turns out you can have the sweetness you crave without the later crash.

The Science of Snack Attacks

Whip out your notebooks and test tubes because science class is in session. We all get hungry and sometimes even downright hangry. But what makes you yearn for that one specific food during a snack attack or intense craving?

When you eat certain foods, neurons in your brain's reward center become super active, associating highly positive feelings that make you want to keep seeking foods regularly. Sometimes these foods are labeled as hyperpalatable because it means that you want them in your mouth on a frequent basis.

Hyperpalatable foods like chips, ice cream, cake, and even good-for-you things, like BOOP cookies or a chargrilled steak, can stimulate a number of neurotransmitters that make you feel super awesome. 

Things like dopamine, cortisol, and other big hormone words all contribute to the feeling of having an intense snack attack. Why do you need to know all of this? It’s proof that a craving is normal. It’s literally just something that your body does. 

Every celebrity influencer and fitness trainer has cravings. The only problem is that all too often, they’re not letting themselves actually give into those desired foods – and that actually just feeds the craving.

How To Avoid Snack Cravings

If you want to read an article about how to avoid snack cravings, you’re in the wrong place. Life’s too short to say no to a pack of candy or that fresh-baked cookie. But if you deny yourself the snacks you’re craving, you might be doing more harm than good.

It’s probably happened to you before. You crave a cookie but want to be “good,” so you eat some berries instead. That didn’t satisfy anything, so you ate some yogurt. That didn’t help either, so you dived into the bag of chips. 

By the end of your grand tour around the pantry, you’ll end up eating the cookie anyway. The only difference is that you got hundreds of calories in your system before you gave in.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you had just given into your craving from the get-go, you would’ve enjoyed the cookie, felt satisfied, and then gone about your day without feeling any guilt or remorse.

BOOP Yourself Out of a Snack Attack

Sometimes, you only need a little BOOP to satisfy an intense snack craving. There’s no moment too small for a delicious, soft-baked cookie that’ll skyrocket you into sweet heaven. And unlike those weird, “healthy” cookies that have the texture of cardboard and a flavor to match, these things are actually delicious.

BOOP cookies have that homemade taste in an easy-to-transport package so that you can take your BOOP with you anywhere you roam. The best part is that you’ll have plenty in there to share with the people around you fighting off their own snack attacks.

We’re no rookies when it comes to cookies. Enjoy the things you love without feeling any regret, and drop your worries for a few delicious, bite-sized minute… Right now, it’s time to take a moment for you with a little BOOP to add some fun to your day.

How To Make Snack Attacks Less Stressful

We can keep on saying that you should be kind to yourself and give into those cravings all the time. But we have to admit, if you eat too many cookies or slap on too much hot fudge to that sundae, you’re bound to have a tummy ache. 

There are ways to strike a balance between chowing down on what you love while also keeping your stomach lining in check. Good thing there is a healthy option that ticks all the flavor boxes.

First off, share the love. If you have a craving for some BOOP cookies (which will happen a lot), then why not invite a friend over to share? You can have your cookie and eat it too. Plus, you can brighten someone’s day and spend a little time reconnecting.

Secondly, you can try incorporating something “healthy” with your craving to make it more comprehensive. How about you throw some strawberries onto that slice of chocolate cake? That way, you’re getting some tasty, delicious sweets while also providing your body with the nutrients, fiber, and flavors packed inside a berry.

Finally, remember that giving into a craving isn’t a sign of weakness. It just means you’re being kind to yourself. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself; it doesn’t need to be a special occasion to have a special little snack. 

We realize this is all coming from the company trying to sell you some cookies, so what credibility do we even have? We’re not rattling off the list of healthy ingredients in our cookies or why you should care (though we certainly could). No, we’re more focused on celebrating the snacks that bring us together. If eating a single cookie can accomplish that, who would we be to tell you not to indulge?

Just the Facts About Snack Attacks

Sometimes, you just want a good cookie. Let BOOP show you how it’s done. Make your day just a little BOOP better. 


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