Top 3 Sweet Snacks for Road Trips

What makes road trips more fun? Food, of course! A bunch of delightful soul-warming bites is all you need for a happy belly and a happy journey. Make your road trip even more memorable by packing some wholesome sweet treats for your family. 

Need some inspo? BOOP Bakery has you covered! Read on to discover some yummy nibbles that will satisfy your cravings and keep those incessant “Are we there yet?” chants from your little ones at bay.

1. Dark Chocolate and Pretzels

Want to score high with your kids? Pack dark chocolate bars and some mini pretzels. These wonderful grab-and-go snacks are super tasty, and let’s be honest — you really can’t go wrong with chocolate! 

Plus, did you know that chocolate triggers the brain to release serotonin, aka the “happy hormone?” So if you need to find calm when things get a bit bumpy or stressful, just sit back and relax while you relish a gratifying piece of chocolate alongside a deliciously salty pretzel. 

It’s an easier, no-work-required version of a tasty chocolate-covered pretzel. Yummy!

2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Cracker Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are not your typical sweet treat, but when looking for a snack that’s deliciously fruity, rich, and salty, nothing really compares to the deliciousness of a PB&J (except for a BOOP cookie).

Make your classic PB&J a little more exciting by using saltine crackers or another cracker of your choice instead of bread — these mini “sandwiches” are just cute (and tasty) enough to keep the kiddos satisfied.

Oh, and the best part? These mini sammies can be made at home in a pinch and are typically much more economical than the store-bought stuff. Just fill up a Tupperware container with enough cracker sandwiches to go around, and you’re good to go.

3. BOOP Cookies

Cookies are so versatile! With lots of flavors to choose from, these delicious quick bites are the perfect treat for when you’re craving something sweet. 

The downside? Most cookies are made with less-than-wonderful ingredients like refined sugar and enriched flour, which can leave you especially snoozy as you cruise (sugar crash, anyone?). To combat this, reach for wholesome cookies — like the ones we make here at BOOP Bakery.

Every mouthful of our cookies is accompanied by nutritious ingredients like rolled oats and chia seeds. Sweet currants provide just the right amount of sweetness while fibrous grains keep you satisfied to keep those pesky hunger pangs at bay. 

When it comes to sharing some sweet treats with your family, go for the wholesome goodness of BOOP cookies. Celebrate your sweet tooth and relish these crunchy delights while you drive to your destination.

Why Choose BOOP?

Among all the sweet and mouth-watering snacks, BOOP deserves your special attention. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • BOOP cookies are wonderfully delicious.

These oatmeal and cranberry cookies have an unbeatable nostalgic, chewy, and soft homemade taste. 

Our cookies are also free of refined sugar, gluten, GMOs, and dairy — in other words, we’re taking the guilt (and allergens) out of the cookie jar.

  • Kids love BOOP cookies.

It’s quite understandable that you’d want to have an entire box of BOOP cookies to yourself. After all, they taste ahh-mazing! But when you are ready to share, there’s no stopping. 

Firstly, these crunchy munchy nibbles are gluten-free. So, no tummy troubles. Plus, no dairy means your munchkins can enjoy them without the allergic dangers posed by milk. The bonus point here is that there is no refined sugar to worry about, meaning your kids won’t turn into hyperactive little monsters after consuming one (or an entire box).

  • They are perfect for taking on the go.

Ok, we know love and breakups hurt the most, but have you ever opened a pack of cookies only to find crumbled remnants of broken bits inside? That’s nothing short of a tragedy (just saying).

To avoid this heartbreak, pay attention to the packaging when choosing road trip snacks. There are a lot of ways your snacks can get crushed or squished when crammed inside a car with your framily (aka, friends and family or friends who are family).

At BOOP Bakery, your cookies are carefully sealed in a box to keep them safe and retain freshness. Just grab your BOOP box and enjoy your cookies on the go!

Sweet Games To Play on the Way

Road trips are about enjoying the view, singing along to your favorite songs, and spending quality time with your framily. So, toss away your gadgets for a couple of hours and have fun playing these games with your favorite humans on the way.

Truth and Munch!

It’s usually Truth or Dare, but let’s give the game a sweet twist. Since you’re traveling, you won’t be able to do many dares anyway. 

So, instead, go around the car and have each person share a statement, and then guess whether the person is telling the truth or lying. If you guess correctly, take a bite of your BOOP. 

If you don’t guess correctly… well, no treats for losers. Just kidding — everyone gets a BOOP!


I “BOOP” something blue. 

The sky? You guessed right. It’s a new and sweeter version of “I Spy.” Once again, you can add more fun to the conventional game by adding a touch of BOOP. This will certainly keep your kids engaged in the game. Besides, who doesn’t love a good BOOP?!

20 BOOPs

This classic spin on “20 Questions” is perfect for long road trips. It’s one of those games that are both fun as well as educational — an excellent way to pass the time and enhance your family’s knowledge. A super proud and shining moment for every parent! 

Whenever a question is asked and answered, a sweet BOOP shall be received! The one with the most BOOPs gets a cookie (or two). 

Any More Tips for a Fun and BOOPY Ride?

Ready to hit the road? Keep things BOOP-worthy with these helpful tips below:

1. Pack Beforehand

As exciting as they sound, road trips can also seem like a daunting task for grown-ups. As a responsible adult, you have to make all the preparations and make sure everything has been packed. Doing it beforehand will save you a whole lot of stress. So don’t wait until the last minute to finish your packing. Try to do it at least a day ahead to ensure peaceful rest the night before your trip (#Adulting).

2. Use Neck Pillows

Don’t forget your handy-dandy travel pillows for the most comfortable journey. The support these babies provide will save you from a stiff neck and back pain.

3. Take Breaks

Let yourself and your family have short breaks on your journey. Answer nature’s call, stretch your legs, eat some cookies and take a few pictures at your stop-over point.

4. Stay Hydrated

The secret behind beating body cramps during your journey is as simple as drinking water. Your muscles would be utterly grateful to you if you keep yourself hydrated. So, keep calm and sip on!

5. Munch Away

Last but not least, keep snacking during the journey. This will keep your energy and your spirits high — especially if you munch on wholesome BOOP cookies. 

Beep, Beep, BOOP!

And there you have it, four sweet snacks to take on your next road trip — and a few games and tips, too. Whether you’re fueling your energy stores or simply trying to keep the hangry monster at bay, these delicious bites are sure to hit the spot. 

Make your journey extra special with fun games and lots of BOOPs!


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