Sweet Tooth Meaning: Are You a Cookie Monster, Too?

Constantly craving something sweet? Borderline obsessed with desserts? Can’t get through the day without your sugar fix? While it’s true that you may have a sweet tooth, only a select few can call themselves a true cookie monster. Are you one?

What’s a Sweet Tooth?

Despite how it sounds, a “sweet tooth” doesn’t refer to a tooth that’s especially sweet in nature. It also doesn’t mean that your teeth are made of sugar. Having “a sweet tooth” simply means having a weakness (*ahem* or strong preference) for all things sugary and sweet.

Does Everyone Have a Sweet Tooth?

While everyone may have a favorite sweet treat, not everyone is super sugar crazy (we know, *gasp*).

Our taste buds (of which we have more than 10,000) respond to four different types of flavors — salty, sweet, sour, and bitter — but some folks (us included) seem more inclined to munch on sweet cookies as opposed to salty potato chips than others. 

So, what’s behind that insatiable sweet tooth? Truth be told, a lot of it has to do with genetics. Our DNA determines how sensitive we are to certain flavors. For example, those of us with a thing for the sweet stuff may have a higher sweet threshold, so we typically crave more sugar to make our taste buds happy. 

As a result, we chow down on more cookies. But seeing as our BOOP cookies are good for the soul — we’re not mad. 

In addition to having a high sweet threshold, the brain is hardwired to succumb to a sugar crush. In other words, when it comes to being obsessed with sweets, it’s not just how sensitive you are — it’s also what’s happening in your brain. 

You see, sugar lights up the reward centers in your noggin like a Christmas tree, causing a surge of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) and serotonin (which affects mood). This then causes your prefrontal cortex to release hormones that urge you to remember this deliciously sweet experience, so you’ll make it happen more often. 

In short, sugar makes you feel happy, lowers your inhibitions, and nags you to get more of it. And the more sugar you fill up on, the more likely you are to develop a sweet tooth.

Are You a Cookie Monster, Too? 

On a scale from one to sugar-obsessed, how much of a sweets maniac are you? Here are the telltale signs that you have a sweet tooth:

Sign #1: You eat cookies first thing in the morning. 

If you roll out of bed and head straight for the cookie jar in the morning — even before making coffee or brushing your teeth — we hate to break it to ya, but you’ve definitely got a sweet tooth. And you’re probably a cookie monster, too! 

Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not — especially if you start your day with a wholesome BOOP cookie (or two… or three). 

Our perfectly soft and deliciously chewy BOOP cookies are made with protein-rich ingredients like chia seeds and rolled oats to keep you full, happy, and energized throughout the day. 

Sign #2: You drink coffee just so you can dunk cookies in it.

There’s arguably nothing better than dunking cookies in a cup of joe. If you’re a cookie monster with a serious sweet tooth, you’ve definitely mastered the art. Which cookies go best with coffee, you ask? Here are some of our favs:

  • Biscotti
  • Sugar 
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Macadamia nut
  • Oatmeal 

Pro Tip: Running late? Grab an Oatmeal Cranberry BOOP to enjoy with your cup of coffee. The fibrous oats will fill you up, while your caffeine works to boost focus and mental clarity. Breakfast for champions.

Sign #3: Your bag has a secret stash full of sweets. 

Your bag may be a Santa sack full of cookies, but no — you won’t be sharing. These sweet bites are for you alone. Sure, sharing might be caring, but not when the sweet stuff is involved!

Sign #4: You bring cookies into bed with you. 

If you’d rather spend the evening munching on cookies than dancing with the Sandman, you have a sweet tooth. But not just any sweet tooth — one that’s obsessed with cookies. Just keep in mind the effects sugar has on sleep, especially if you’re trying to catch some quality zzzs to feel well-rested in the morning. 

Pro Tip: Have a hankering for something sweet? Curb those late-night munchies with a BOOP, which is sweetened with natural date based instead of refined sugar. According to experts, refined sugar is linked to restless and disrupted sleep, so it’s best to avoid it before bed.

Sign #5: You eat cookies on the daily.

There are so many great reasons to eat cookies every day — especially if they’re BOOP cookies! Made with love and baked to perfection, these heavenly little morsels are made with wholesome ingredients and nothing artificial, so you can finally have your cookie and eat it, too!

Oh, and the best part? BOOP cookies are conveniently packaged, making them easier than ever to take on the go. Whether you’re late for work or simply have no time to grub — grab a BOOP, give a BOOP, and be on your way!

Sign #6: When life gives you lemons, you eat cookies instead.

Life can be tough, but when life gives you lemons, a true cookie monster will simply toss them aside and eat cookies instead. What kind of cookies? ALL cookies. From chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to oatmeal and cran, we don’t discriminate. 

Pro Tip: BOOP cookies are unbelievably soft and chewy, meaning they are super versatile, too! Add a dash of sweetness to your favorite snacks by crumbling up a BOOP cookie and mixing it in, tossing it on top, or adding it as a garnish. 

Sign #7: Cookies give you zen energy. 

Feeling stressed? Eat a cookie. All it takes are a few bites to boost serotonin and reduce tension. Plus, what better way to cope with the day’s tasks than sinking your sweet tooth into a wholesome cookie like our yummy oatmeal and cran BOOPs? If cookies give you zen energy, then we say indulge a little — or a lot (we don’t judge). 

And That’s a Wrap, Sweet Stuff!

Having a sweet tooth simply means that you have a strong liking for the sweet stuff — whether that be brownies, cakes, and pies or wholesome BOOP cookies

Is there anything wrong with having a sweet tooth? Absolutely not! It just means that you’d rather nosh on a yummy oatmeal and cran cookie as opposed to salty chips. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that too much sugar can wreak havoc on your health, so when the sugar cravings strike, reach for a cookie sweetened with natural ingredients — like the ones we make here at BOOP Bakery.

Ready to unleash your inner cookie monster? Check us out today and enjoy a BOOP tomorrow!


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