We Are a Framily of Cookie Lovers

Let's be honest — when it comes to the sweet treat kingdom, cookies reign supreme. 

Sure, decadent cakes frosted to perfection are delish, and there's no denying the ooey-gooey goodness of a warm fudgy brownie, but when that sweet tooth strikes and the hangry monster comes out to play, there's arguably nothing better than an old fashioned cookie (or three). 

That's why we didn't spend the last few years cultivating just any ol’ baked good — we perfected a wholesome, crave-worthy cookie! Read on to discover all there is to know about how BOOP Bakery got its start and why you should join our framily of cookie lovers.

The Man Behind It All: Our CEO Ken 

Before we give you the scoop on all things BOOP, let's take a quick stroll down memory lane to see how our bakery got its start, shall we?

From an early age, Ken knew his career would involve food and devoted his entire life to pursuing this passion. Even despite his parent's best wishes to become a world-renowned doctor, Ken chose marketing… for food (obvi).

The BOOP mastermind started his career working for major companies like The Wonderful Company, Mattel, and Nestle. But while Ken was busy growing brands, he was also focused on building a family, and if there's one thing our CEO loves more than food, it's his beautiful wife, three boys, and two furbabies.

For Ken, food and family are like peanut butter and jelly, hot chocolate and marshmallows, or milk and cookies — they go hand-in-hand. Food isn't just a symbol of connections; it's the reason people come together. Ken loves cookies, and Ken loves his family — and Ken loves spending quality time with his family by cooking and baking anything that satisfies the soul.

With the "rise-and-grind" mentality of corporate America and missing one too many little league games and birthdays, Ken ultimately realized that his current journey wouldn't allow him to be the fun-loving father he aspired to be. Ken loved the quality time he was able to spend with his family — and he wanted more of it. More connection. More love. 

So, he changed course and decided to work with smaller, up-and-coming brands where he could get his food fix while focusing on family. It was these smaller, up-and-coming brands that taught Ken just how important quality time with his family was — he was finally able to find the time to cook with his kids, help with homework, teach art in elementary school classes, coach baseball and basketball, spend time with his wife, and truly fill his baking sheet. 

When it comes to spending quality time with the fam, Ken believes nothing is sweeter than making (and eating) food together. And when it comes to favorite foods, a cookie is one of the best. But as much as Ken loves the coveted sweet treat, he hates the guilty feeling that comes with indulging in more than one. And let's face it — we always eat more than one.

And the truth is, there are plenty of better-for-you brands out there to turn to for a healthy (or healthier) cookie if you’re looking for protein and fiber. However, these better-for-you cookies often don’t quite scratch the cookie itch.

Cookies allow us to taste happiness and feel a comforting coziness with each blissful bite. This is precisely why Ken turned to them for family quality time, and why he decided to use these tasty treats to bring others together.

Tired of making excuses, needing a "why" to justify his cookie hankerings, and turning to ho-hum healthy “cookie” alternatives, Ken decided it was time to free the real cookies from the jar

If you ask Ken (and us, too), it's time to right the wrong reputation cookies have carried. Why? Because we all shouldhave the right to bite into a cookie whenever, wherever, whyever.

With decades of experience under his belt — and an honorary degree in eating cookies — Ken founded BOOP Bakery with a mission to create delicious, wholesome, craveable cookies that he (and we) can freely enjoy without overthinking it. Just like a BOOP.

So, What Exactly Is a "BOOP?"

BOOP is kind of a noun and a verb. Abide by the dictionary, and a BOOP is a playful sound often accompanied by an affectionate nudge on the nose. But for us (and for Ken), it's so much more

BOOP is a feeling — a brief gesture of generosity, connection, and love. BOOP is an unexpected instant of love and joy.

It's wholesome, silly, fun, and often spontaneous. No need to second-guess the guilt-free gift of a BOOP. After all, the best BOOPs are BOOPED in the moment to simply spark joy and a smile for anyone with a snoot!

A BOOP is about sparking love and joy, bringing people together and establishing meaningful connections through shared moments, big or small. A BOOP is a simple joy, and a cookie is a simple joy — and thanks to Ken, now a BOOP can be a cookie.

The concept of a BOOP perfectly captured the fun, loving, spontaneous moment of connection that Ken strived to build to bring people together. And so, BOOP Bakery was born.

Bippipity Boppity BOOP: Our Bakery 

Here at BOOP Bakery, we make the most of these moments by using only wholesome ingredients to deliver the whole cookie experience — the cookie experience that inspired Ken to build BOOP Bakery in the first place. 

The truth is, the oatmeal cookie started off as a “health” food. And while that might sound not quite like the oatmeal cookies you know and love, what it means is this: a cookie can be both delicious and nutritious, after all.

The bakers at BOOP made sure our cookies are full of body-nourishing ingredients like oats, dates, and currants to keep your heart happy and tummy full. Plus, with no refined sugar, gluten, or icky GMOs, you can finally have your cookie and eat it, too! 

Tough Cookies Stick Together: Our Framily

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who can turn their nose to the tempting nostalgic aroma of freshly baked cookies. No matter who you are, it's likely that the smell evokes memories from childhood. And for most of us, those memories involve lots of smiles and laughs while baking in the kitchen with loved ones. 

In other words, cookies aren't only baked goods — they're little bite-sized reminders of what matters most: framily. Framily is where friends meet family — it’s about your chosen family, the people you bring with you along the way, and the ones who matter most.

At BOOP Bakery, we understand life can be chaotic and a bit messy. That’s why we bake simple, soul-warming cookies to help make it just a bit better for all of us. Ask our CEO Ken, and he’ll tell you that baking (and eating) together is truly one of the sweetest things in life… so when you don’t quite have the time to make a batch yourself, make it a BOOP! 

Made with love and baked to perfection, each mouthful will summon the warm and fuzzies, transporting your tastebuds to an endless journey of nostalgic flavor. Ken built BOOP around the things that light up his life so that they can light up yours, too.

Ready to join our framily of cookie lovers? BOOP on over to our bakery today and start embracing the little joys in life — and to come together over the simple joy of a delicious cookie (and a BOOP)!


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