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Mom life can be tough — like, ridiculously tough. To us, a mom is a superhero. A mom informs, inspires, and influences us to be the best that we can be. 

From coordinating schedules, activities, and meals to keeping up with tasks around the house, moms are unstoppable. They're coaches, cheerleaders, teachers, doctors, and bakers all in one. 

A mom isn’t necessarily someone filling the traditional female role — we think the most important attribute is that a mom simply stands as a source of warmth, love, and guidance. If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

In short, moms are amazing — and if you ask us, moms are so deserving of some awesome tips and tricks to help make motherhood just a wee bit easier. After all, it takes a village to raise a child!

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences that life has to offer, but it's also one of the most challenging, grueling, and exhausting jobs a human will ever take on. 

Here at BOOP, we are all about the little things that make life sweeter, easier, and overall better.

So, to help you better navigate this thing called "parenthood," we've gathered some of the best mom hacks to help BOOP your life.

What Exactly Is a Mom Hack?

Simply put, mom hacks are things that just make life easier or more efficient. In other words, they're a way of doing something — anything — that'll simplify your life. There are hacks for everything, but mom hacks are oh-so-special. These are the tips and tricks that moms have learned over the years to help make life a little sweeter. And having them in your repertoire can mean the difference between calm and chaos every day. 

Ready to spark joy and a smile while hacking motherhood? Check out these super BOOPy mom hacks:

1. Use Hair Ties To Baby-Proof Cabinets and Drawers

Yes, you read that right — those handy-dandy hair ties just might come in handy if you have a little one wandering around. You can use hair ties to tie cabinet handles together to keep your toddler away from glassware, forks and knives, dishes — you name it.

2. Make Your Own Monster Repellent

If your child is always afraid of the monsters under their bed or in their closet at bedtime, make your own DIY monster repellant using a spray bottle and some water — or, even easier, grab some linen spray and cover up the label with your own, homemade Monster Repellent label.

Let your child spritz it around their room at bedtime and drift to sleep knowing the monsters will be kept away.

3. Consider a Grocery Delivery Service

How lucky are we to live in a world where we can get almost anything we need at the tap of a button? While it’s so fun to take young kids food shopping (kidding…), grocery delivery services are way more fun. 

Simply hop on an app, order everything you need from the local market to make dinner, and within an hour or two, it's at the door. No fuss, no buts, no coconuts. Not only does this hack save you from any potential meltdowns in aisle three, but it saves you time. Free time that you can now spend on ME time (just saying).

4. Put a Trash Can in the Car

When you're a mom, your car tends to resemble that of a war zone. From school drop-offs and pick-ups to sports practice and rehearsals, it seems like you and the kiddos are always in the car — which is why the family vehicle is always a mess. To avoid sitting amongst Slurpee cups, cookie crumbs, and bubble gum wrappers, grab a cereal storage container and line it with a plastic shopping bag. 

Instruct your pint-sized family members to toss their trash into this new trash bin when cruising in the car, and just like that, your driving space should stay cleaner for longer. (Key word: *should*) 

5. Bring a Kiddie Pool to the Beach

Have an old kiddie pool that's collecting dust somewhere around the house? Brush away the cobwebs and bring it with you on your next family beach trip. You can fill it up with a few inches of ocean water to keep your tiny tot cool. Toss in some beach toys, and they will be entertained for hours. Who says moms can't have fun in the sun? 

Pro Tip: Make life easy by packing tasty grab-and-go snacks that your kids will love — like BOOP cookies, which are conveniently packaged and ready to be enjoyed. 

6. Rally the Troops in the Kitchen

Lunchtime can be a lot to handle — especially if you've got a few munchkins to feed. Make life easier by teaching your kids the right way to make an easy lunch. Not only will this benefit you in more ways than one (think free time), but it's a skill that they'll take with them as they grow. Plus, it's a fun way to bond with your little ones, so win-win!

Pro Tip: No time to put together a quick PB&J? Teach your kids where they can find healthy grab-and-go snacks. For example, you might keep your BOOP cookies in the pantry. When hunger strikes, your child will know exactly how to handle the situation — with a BOOP!

7. Keep School Lunches Cool

While we're on the topic of lunch, did you know that you can keep your child's school lunches cold with a sponge? Yup, it's true — simply freeze a sponge in a plastic bag, and you've got yourself a handy-dandy DIY lunch box ice pack! Throw it into your little one's lunch box first thing in the morning with a BOOP cookie, and they're good to go. 

Bonus: your kiddo can use the sponge to wipe up their meal space after their lunch break. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!

8. Turn Everything into a Race

Need your tiny tot to brush their teeth? Race them to the bathroom. Is it time for your little one’s afternoon nap? Race them to dreamland. Is your sweet pea not wanting to finish their vegetables? Race them to the “Clean Plate Club.” Turn everything into a race, and your child won’t view it as an unpleasant task but instead as a fun competition they get to do with mom. 

Pro Tip: Want to sleep in? Whichever kiddo can stay in their bed the longest upon waking up in the morning wins a cookie. Sweet dreams, mama bear!

9. Give Baths in a Laundry Basket

Another genius mom hack — bathe your wet-and-wild toddler in a laundry basket! For this one, all you need to do is have your baby sit in a plastic laundry basket and place the whole darn thing into your filled bathtub. 

This is a fantastic idea because it limits how much space they have in the tub, which keeps them safe. Plus, their toys will always be within reach! 

Note: Whether you use a laundry basket or not, never ever leave your sweet pea unattended in the bathtub — even for a few seconds.

10. Use a Glue Gun To Prevent Mold on Bath Toys

Speaking of bath toys… any seasoned mom will tell you that they are a hygiene nightmare, as mold and bacteria can quickly grow inside them when they’re left damp. Combat this problem by using a hot glue gun to seal each toy’s holes shut. This way, your kids can still play with their rubber duckies, and you don’t need to worry about their health. 

11. Set Up a Car Activity Organizer

Using a good ol’ fabric shoe organizer, you can create the perfect activity area in your car to help keep your kiddos entertained during long car rides. Simply hang a fabric shoe organizer on the back of the driver’s seat (or passenger seat, or both if you have more than one child) and fill it with books, small toys, puzzles, or any other pastime that your child enjoys. 

12. Establish a Quiet Time

We can all use calm, quiet moments throughout the day — this is especially true for kids. Quiet time allows children to process, organize, and synthesize new information, which helps deepen their learning. Quiet time also gives mom a chance to breathe! In short, it benefits everybody. 

This peaceful time can look different from family to family, but we recommend establishing a daily routine with at least 30 minutes of quiet time for everyone in the afternoon. Invite your kids to read a book, take a quick cat nap and snuggle, or color quietly at the table.

13. Serve Snacks in Muffin Tins

Muffin tins are fabulous serving trays — especially when little mouths and messy fingers are involved. Set up a mini smorgasbord for snack time by putting a little bit of fruit, some BOOP cookie crumbles, crackers, and veggies into each compartment. Snack time has never been easier! 

Pro Tip: Can’t seem to keep your kids from finding your not-so-secret stash of snacks? Hide them in a place where they’ll never look — like camouflaged inside an empty package of frozen veggies.

14. Barter Chores for Wi-Fi

Struggling to get your kids to do their daily chores? No problem — each morning, change your Wi-Fi password, and then list out some chores that must get done to obtain access to it. Common household tasks might include:

  • Make your bed
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Wipe down the counters
  • Put away your laundry
  • Pick up all the toys on the floor

Once the assigned chores have all been completed, reward your little one with the coveted Wi-Fi password — and perhaps a BOOP. This #MomHack is especially beneficial during the summer break!

15. Use Cupcake Liners To Catch Popsicle Drips

If popsicles are your kiddo’s snack of choice, especially in the summer, you’re probably all too familiar with the drips, stains, and sticky messes they tend to leave behind. 

To help put an end to sticky fingers and popsicle drips, slide a cupcake liner onto the stick before giving the popsicle to your child to enjoy! The cupcake liner serves as a “tray” of sorts to help catch all those drips and drops.

16. Make an On-the-Go Snack Bin

Snacks are important. Why? Well, for many reasons, but for starters, they help manage hunger and boost nutrition. Healthy snacks can also keep your tiny tot from getting so hungry that they get cranky. 

Tantrums happen, often when we least expect them. And if you’re not prepared, it can turn into an even bigger tantrum. 

The trick to handling these outbursts is to keep your cool and stay calm. If you respond with a loud and angry tone, there’s a good chance that your teary-eyed babe will imitate your behavior, making the situation worse.

To prevent any hangriness from setting in, designate a bin in the pantry for nourishing snacks that your kiddo can easily grab on the go. Some wholesome, easy ideas include:

  • Granola bars
  • Nuts and chocolate chips
  • Fruit snacks
  • Crackers
  • Oatmeal Cranberry BOOP cookies

Our Oatmeal Cranberry BOOP cookies are conveniently packaged so you can always keep one on hand for emergencies. After all, nothing brightens a day quite like a BOOP and a cookie! 

With a heavenly, homemade taste and texture, this treat is a thoughtfully elevated version of the iconic oatmeal raisin cookie. And the best part? We don't use any fillers or additives in our BOOP cookies — only wholesome ingredients to help nourish your little one.

The Final BOOP

Whether you're a seasoned mama or this is your first rodeo, these BOOP-approved tips will help to make life a little sweeter. Just remember to take things slow, practice patience, and above all, give lots of love — and BOOPS! After all, no moment is too small for a BOOP. 

Here at BOOP Bakery, we’re on a mission to bring yummy cookies made with nourishing ingredients to the masses. That’s why we set out to create a new twist on a classic cookie that’s not only easy to enjoy, but good for you, too! Check us out today to taste the BOOP difference.

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