Top 10 Oatmeal Cookie Brands & Comparison Guide

Are you a lover of all things oatmeal? Does the smell of freshly baked oatmeal cookies make your heart sing? If there’s nothing on this great big ball of gas that makes you happier than a wholesome oatmeal cookie— you’re in the right place. 

Soft, chewy, and perfectly spiced, oatmeal cookies simply can’t be beaten. Sure, chocolate chip is iconic, and snickerdoodles are a treat, but when it comes to the ultimate cookie, oatmeal reigns supreme.

To make extra sure you only get the best of the best, we put together an in-depth guide comparing the top oatmeal cookie brands on the market.

The Oatmeal Cookie Showdown: 10 Brands

Ready to uncover the best oatmeal cookie in the box? Although there are many brands that can make a solid oatmeal cookie, here are some of our top picks and why BOOP is still the way to go:

1. Highkey

First up, we have Highkey. This popular cookie brand bakes batches of cookies without all the extra sugar and carbs. That said, they don’t exactly sell oatmeal cookies, but they do offer Instant Hot Cereal — which can be baked into an oatmeal cookie. 

As busy bees, we prefer the convenience of pre-packaged oatmeal cookies, but since this brand has such a fan following, we decided to add it to the list. Some Highkey fans love the taste and texture of the oatmeal — but others can’t get behind the earthy flavor hints in this snack.

In short, you might have to roll up your sleeves in the kitchen, but you may just find that they are Highkey good!

2. Maxine’s Heavenly Cookies

Maxine was the mother of the founder of this heavenly cookie brand. Her oatmeal cookies were loved far and wide, but the ingredients weren’t exactly the best, with the use of processed flours, sugars, and other not-so-good-for-you elements. 

So, in an attempt to make a healthier oatmeal cookie, Mama Maxine’s famous recipe was slightly modified. The result? Reformulated cookies that pleased tastebuds everywhere without all the junk.

Today, Maxine’s Heavenly Oatmeal Cookies are sweetened by nature with coconut sugar and dates. You’ll find around five grams of sugar in each serving, along with 100 calories and no trans fat. 

3. Archway 

Archway has been making deliciously soft oatmeal cookies since 1936. But these aren’t just ordinary oatmeal cookies, no sir. These mildly sweet treats get an extra boost of sweetness with a drool-worthy drizzle of icing — perfect for those with an especially big sweet tooth! You’ll find some of the usual suspects on the Archway ingredient list, like oats, flour, and sugar, but these oatmeal cookies also include soy protein and raisin paste (and did we mention the icing?) for a bit of a twist.

Some Archway enjoyers love the taste of these cookies, but aren’t so sold on the sugar content — something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a healthier take on a classic.

4. Bitsy’s Cookies

Want to show your love for the ladies by supporting a woman-owned cookie brand? Look no further and check out Bitsy’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. These cookies are much more nutritious than the majority of other oatmeal cookie brands with the use of unique ingredients like light brown sugar, sweet potatoes, and organic pea protein. 

The downside? Some folks claim Bitsy’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies taste too much like a serving of veggies rather than a dose of happiness. If you ask us, an oatmeal cookie should taste like just that, an oatmeal cookie. But if veggie-fueled cookies tickle your fancy, by all means — go for Bitsy’s!

5. Fiber One 

When it comes to cookie choices, it makes perfect sense to think of oatmeal as the healthier option. Packed with nutritious oats, these yummy bites provide the added benefits of dietary fiber that other sweet treats may not. 

To feel really good about the nutritional value of an oatmeal cookie, though, reach for one by Fiber One — a popular brand owned by General Mills. As its name implies, these cookies are designed to help people reach their #FiberGoals without sacrificing their taste. 

But be warned: while Fiber One’s Oatmeal Cookie can be a healthy part of a diet, they also typically contain a whole lot of added sugar. In other words, moderation is key!

6. Keebler Cookies

Scrumptious, decadent, and irresistibly delicious, Keebler combines the goodness of real oatmeal and chewy raisins to create their super popular classic country-style oatmeal cookie. Baked to crispy perfection by the lovable Keebler Elves, these delightful bite-sized snacks are convenient, ready-to-eat, and just delightful with an ice-cold glass of milk. 

To make a batch of oatmeal cookies, the Keebler Elves use a myriad of ingredients that contain dairy, soy, wheat, and possibly even tree nuts, so if you have any allergies, be sure to read the label thoroughly to prevent an icky reaction.

7. Lenny & Larry’s 

Pop quiz: What do you get when two bodybuilding bros named Benny and Barry come together to add protein to their favorite food? If you guessed an oatmeal cookie company called Lenny & Larry’s, give yourself a BOOP because you are correct!

With eight grams of protein and five grams of fiber, Lenny & Larry’s oatmeal cookie is one of the healthiest in the game. But unless you’re using this delectable delight as a meal replacement, you may want to BOOP your way to a different cookie. Why? 

Because each oatmeal cookie contains the calories and carbs needed to replenish your body after a grueling sweat sesh. In other words, Lenny & Larry’s Oatmeal Cookie is designed for post-workout nutrition. Of course, if you want to nosh on one just because, there’s definitely no shame in that!

Lenny & Larry’s oatmeal cookie boasts 16 grams of protein per serving thanks to a protein blend of wheat gluten, pea protein, and rice protein, and it also contains chicory root fiber and cane sugar as a health-central take on the traditional oatmeal cookie. 

8. Back To Nature

An increasingly popular plant-based brand with a focus on creating delicious, good-quality snacks, Back to Nature relies on non-GMO ingredients and healthy whole grains to make their Crispy Oatmeal Granola Cookie. This cookie is a crunchy and crispy rendition of the classic oatmeal cookie’s soft, chewy goodness — similar to the crunch of granola.

Back to Nature keeps their cookie simple with ingredients like wheat flour, cane sugar, and whole grain rolled oats.

For some, this cookie-meets-granola is nothing short of pure bliss, but for others, the super crispy texture is more reminiscent of biting into a cracker rather than a cookie. That said, if crunchy oatmeal cookies get your motor going, Back To Nature is right up your alley! 

9. Heavenly Hunks

Cookies may be a tasty treat, but they don’t have to be bad for you — especially with Heavenly Hunks. These delicious oatmeal cookies are full of flavor, vegan-friendly, and free of dairy. Even better, they come in a snack-friendly size that is easy to grab on the go!

Not particularly fond of coconut? Prefer a cookie that’s not super sweet? You may want to opt for something else (a BOOP, perhaps?). Although these Heavenly Hunks are definitely heavenly, the coconut taste can be a bit strong. And anyone who has ever had coconut knows firsthand how sweet its flavor can be. 

On the flip side, if you’re a coconut fanatic, you’ve certainly found the oatmeal cookie for you!

10. BOOP Bakery

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk BOOP. BOOP’s selection of sweet treats is not only delicious enough to satisfy your cravings, but also packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like oats, chia seeds, and currants to keep you full and happy all day long. 

Not to mention, our oatmeal cookies are high in fiber because we believe in filling ingredients — not fillers. Plus, you can easily bring our must-have morsels in your purse, gym bag, briefcase, or back pocket, making this drool-worthy snack easier than ever to take on the go. 

BOOP brings you homemade happiness whenever, wherever, and whyever

Pro Tip: BOOP Cookies are perfectly soft and chewy, meaning they are versatile, too! Add a touch of sweetness to your favorite snacks by crumbling up a BOOP cookie and mixing it in — or tossing it on top, or adding as a garnish. Whatever your heart (and stomach) desires. 

From trail mix and granola to popcorn and overnight oats, level up your snacks with BOOP Cookies. Trust us; your tastebuds will thank us later! 

Why Is Oatmeal the Way To Go?

There are many things in life that make us question humanity (pineapple on pizza, anyone?), but oatmeal cookies are certainly not one of them. In fact, if you ask us, oatmeal is the superior cookie. Here’s why:

Oatmeal Cookies Are Chock-Full of Fiber. 

Because oatmeal cookies contain oats — which are a whole grain — they provide fiber. The amount of this essential nutrient can vary by brand and ingredients, but you’ll generally find around one gram of fiber in two oatmeal cookies as opposed to zero grams in sugar cookies. 

Now, if your oatmeal cookies happen to have raisins or dates in them, that amount may shoot up to two grams. And if you’re enjoying a BOOP, you can expect even more!

They Are Undeniably Wholesome. 

Sure, oatmeal cookies might be one of the healthiest goodies out there, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also one of the most delicious! This soul-warming delight is typically made from heart-healthy whole grains with complex carbs and dietary fiber. Together, these body-nourishing nutrients keep you fuller longer and prevent energy-diminishing sugar spikes. 

Plus, if you nosh on an oatmeal cookie made with dried fruit like our Oatmeal and Cranberry Cookie, you’re also getting wellness-supporting phytochemicals

In other words, oatmeal cookies aren’t just heavenly treats but wholesome ones, too!

Love at First Bite: The Winner

So, which brand makes the best oatmeal cookie?

We’ll be honest — comparing cookies is no easy feat, but if we had to pick a superior oatmeal cookie brand, there’s no denying that BOOP Bakery takes the cake, er…*cookie.* 

Soft, chewy, sweet, and reminiscent of home, our soul-warming oatmeal cookies are just like how grandma used to make them — with love. The difference? Unlike traditional cookie recipes that often rely on a long list of questionable ingredients, BOOP cookies are made with only a handful of yummy things like protein-rich chia seeds, fiber-fueled oats, and sweet dates. 

Plus, with no refined sugar, gluten, GMOs, or any other icky ingredients, you can finally have your cookie and eat it, too. Cookie lovers, rejoice! 


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