Crunchy Moms: Who They Are and Why We Love Them

Granola. Hippie. Earth Mama. 

Whatever the term, folks know one when they see one — "crunchy moms." You know, the all-about-the-planet mamas who prefer living the natural life? The ones who challenge the conventional norm of what is considered safe and healthy? Yeah, those moms. 

We’ve got nothing but love for crunchy moms! In fact, our yummy oatmeal and cranberry cookies are a crunchy mom’s dream — they’re made with only the best of the best: lots of love, wholesome ingredients, and nothing artificial. But being our biggest fan isn't the only reason we love these hippie-dippie mamas. 

Read on to discover all there is to know about crunchy moms, including who they are and why we love them. 

What's a Crunchy Mom?

So, what's a crunchy mom, you ask? 

Truth be told, this answer can vary depending on who you ask, but the general definition of being crunchy can basically be summed up as a mama who values her natural instincts as a parent, and works hard to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle that doesn't only support her family's health and well-being, but the planet, too. 

A "crunchy mom" usually embraces natural parenting. She's the new “cool mom” who is part of an ever-growing group of neo-hippies on a quest for more information. A crunchy mom is environmentally healthy and socially conscious. 

What Are the Signs of a Crunchy Mom?

Think you might be crunchy? Although being crunchy can be a little subjective, here are some of the general signs that you're a granola mom:

  • Organic. That "all-natural" stuff doesn't cut it — if it's not "organic," you don't want it. In fact, you probably have a chicken coop in your backyard, despite not being a farmer. Oh, and those chickens roam free and probably have their own names. 
  • Birth. Did you give birth at home? Unassisted? Out in the garden? On a flowerbed? You're crunchy. Extra points if you froze your own placenta after giving birth and use it in your smoothies to get an extra boost of nutrients
  • Nursing. Your darling tot indicates their need to nurse… in full sentences. Sure, some non-crunchy mamas may give you the side-eye as your tiny human clings to your chest, but you know that you're developing a bond that they'll only be able to dream of. 
  • Television. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Yeah, no thanks. To teach your kiddos important skills, you use flashcards, colorful props, or things from nature (think: counting rocks, leaves, clouds, or animals).
  • Snacks. Since traditional snacks are typically full of icky ingredients, your crunchy child will enjoy things like veggie straws, kale chips, and wholesome BOOP cookies
  • Lunch. While we're on the topic of food, we'll also add that granola moms are the ones making homemade lunches with organic ingredients. 
  • Plastics. There's nothing that a crunchy mama despises more than plastics. If you're crunchy, you don't store food in plastic, only glass containers. You also try your best to only purchase eco-friendly toys that don't contain any harmful substances like BPA, phthalates, and lead. 
  • School. Why send your little ones away for school when they can be "un-schooled" at home? Besides, traditional curriculums are overrated anyway. 
  • Bedtime. Crib? What's that? You bed-share with the whole fam, of course. Doggies welcome, too!
  • Punishment. You have a hard and fast rule against spanking. When it comes to your sweet peas, reading poetry about kindness and people's inner souls is the only form of punishment under your roof. Depending on some mama's level of crunchiness, a time-out here and there is perfectly OK.
  • Coconut oil. As a crunchy mama, you believe coconut oil can cure pretty much anything. Cuts and scrapes? Coconut oil. Diaper rash and burns? Coconut oil. Chapped lips and dryness? You guessed it — coconut oil.
  • Feminine hygiene. When Auntie Flo comes to town, you don't greet her with a tampon that can potentially cause toxic shock syndrome. Instead, you opt for organic pads or a menstrual cup.
  • Diapers. You don't use disposable diapers due to all the crazy chemicals they contain. Only the finest organic clothes (think bamboo and cotton) grace your little nugget's sweet tushy.

Why Are Crunchy Moms the Best?

Moms who embrace their inner crunchiness are unapologetically natural. They stand up for what they believe in and strive to make the planet a better place. These mothers don't settle just because of societal norms — crunchy mamas do the research, fight back, and, most importantly, do what's best for their loved ones. 

Here at BOOP Bakery, we love all mamas — even the especially crunchy ones. That's why we bake our wholesome oatmeal and cranberry cookies only using ingredients provided by the earth. In other words, you won't find fillers, GMOs, or anything fake in these must-have morsels — only the best of the best for our crunchy moms!

What's the Opposite of a Crunchy Mom? 

Of course, there's a term for this too, and that is a silky mom or a scrunchy mom. 

These mama bears typically opt for medicated hospital births, use disposable diapers, and have an affinity for the latest innovations in life. Dubbed the "modern mom," silky mothers are up-to-date on the latest technology, lean towards public education, and tend to turn to sleep training methods to get their little ones off to sleep. They may also prefer pumping milk rather than breastfeeding, and like to indulge in sweet treats from time to time. 

Feel like a not-quite-silky, not-quite-crunchy mom? You might be a crispy mom — aka the "scrunchy mom." These terms refer to the kind of mama who is a blend of both: taking components of both crunchy and silky and choosing what works best for them. 

A scrunchy mom likely treats her little ones to wholesome oatmeal and cranberry BOOP cookies — but she’s probably also happy to rely on the power of medicine, rather than natural remedies, to ease their baby's cold.

Basically, if you'd like to try your hand at making homemade baby food from the organic veggies in your garden while watching a Disney movie with your tiny sprout, you might just be a scrunchy mom. 

Keep it Crunchy

Here at BOOP Bakery, we love all moms — especially the granola ones. Why? Because, like these crunchy mamas, we, too, believe in making the world a better place by giving Mother Earth the support she needs to thrive. To do this, we rely on wholesome ingredients like rolled oats, sweet dates, and flaxseeds to make our deliciously nostalgic cookies.

Ready to embrace your crunchiness? BOOP on over to our bakery today and taste the difference clean, wholesome ingredients can make!


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